Hello Friends!

Thank you so much for visiting Make and Grow Money. I started this project as a way to share the successes of creating an income and growing it. Our goal is to make your money work for you.

My journey

I began my career as a musician out of high school. Working part time at a local grocery store and hoping I would make it big in the music industry…I didn’t!

I played in a band with some friends, and we all went to college together to write better music…we did! They dropped put and I continued with a new dream to become a teacher. I was 24 years old.

I completed college at age 28 and survived a short teaching career. I moved on and re-invented myself in the construction industry working for years on my hands and knees. I completed my 3rd college degree and landed a great position with an excellent company.

My dream

Now…I have discovered that I love writing. I always knew that I loved writing, but blogging has allowed success in writing and gives me reasons to continue. This blog is intended to guide you through the tips and tricks I have used to Make and Grow Money!